CAD (Computer aided design)

Today if you want anything prototyped, developed or mass produced using modern manufacturing you will need a 3d digital model. CNC’s, 3D Printers, laser cutters all are controlled by digital models, these machines are able t produce direct physical models or steel molds used to used in injection molding so as I say there’s really no way around it, the CAD model is the gateway to fabricating your product. It also serves a large variety of other purposes. It can be used to calculate the mass, strength, physical properties and so on which in essence allows the inventor to study the product as if it was already in there hands before its even been made in reality. As well as this, getting a product to market is always a costly venture so requires investors. With a 3d digital model it can be rendered or animated which is the quickest most effective form of communicating your idea to key investors pre-production. Coupled with a physical 3d printed model you will have the best fighting chance of securing investment or pitching to potential retailers.

Microworkshops has a team of highly skilled industrial designers and makers that can help you take your 2d sketch to a finished CAD model.. We offer 10% discount for finished prototype when modelling in house.


Using our experience with digital and physical modeling we can take a product from concept stage to finished working prototype in as little as week. Our software mainly includes engineering based programmes so we are limited to certain levels of geometry, if the form you need is very organic and complex we would need to asses if we are the right designers for the job..

Our 3d modelling is specifically tailored for 3d printing. The models need more work to be mass manufacture ready, so if you want to injection mold in china we would need to refer you to associates that specialize in that stage of manufacturing.


You can hire your own CAD ninja for £200/day… Many projects we turn around in days to a week


What we provide


– 3D CAD models in any desired format

– Modelling designed for efficient defect proof printing

– Reverse engineering – If you want a form replicated we can usually do that with 2 photos and some very accurate measurements.

– Photo realistic high resolution renders (with environment included)

– Technical drawings

– Animations and fly arounds