Microworkshops – 3D CAD modeling services


Today if you want anything prototyped, developed or mass produced using modern manufacturing you will need a 3D CAD model. You either need to be advanced with 3d CAD design software or you need a 3D CAD modeling services like microworkshops. CNC’s, 3D Printers, laser cutters all are controlled by digital models which means there extremely important with most manufacturing processes.

Certified solidworks 3d modeling professional


All our 3D CAD design engineers are licensed and certified solidworks users. Using our advanced design software we are able to take just a 2d sketch of your idea and turn it into reality using 3D printing. We can also create beautiful photo realistic renders of your design and animate its construction for complex multiple part designs.

3D Modeling Costs


You can hire your own 3d CAD modeling ninja for £350/day…  Or £45/hour. Many simple projects such as a PCB plastic casing we turn around in days to a week. For more information request the ‘sample product case study’. This is a comprehensive overview of the design process of a simple PCB plastic casing.

Plastic Product Development


North London based 3D CAD modeling services. Our certified solidworks professionals have 10+ years 3d modeling experience. We design a variety of plastic products from prototyping stages through to mass produced designs. All our in house engineers have degrees in industrial design and specialise in CAD and computer controlled manufacturing. We have a large network of CAM manufactures including laser & CNC cutters, injection mold factories and tool makers so you don’t have the hassle of project managing.


Microworkshops exceeds our competitors value by offering a holistic manufacturing service. We understand the whole design process with product made from plastic .We can design it, prototype it and mass produce it with our partner injection mold company

Click here to watch video of 3D CAD design in action. 3d cad modeling services