Our 3D Photoshop service allows you to recreate yourself, as your favourite super hero, character or animal. Great for a gift or sharing a funny moment with a friend. If your obssessed with photoshopping your friend head on the queen or end of dildo this is the place for you.


You can either book a 3D scanning… Scanning takes 2 minutes and all that is required is you presence and an ability to to sit still

We take your captured data and manually merge it with a body of your choice in our 3D modelling software…. A day later your bespoke figurine comes hot off the printer ready for delivery


You can send us 2 photos of your head, front and side shot… blank background is not required but is preferable..

If you choose to pull a funny face, thats the expression you will be modelled with.

This process results in a more characature look and takes 4-7 days modelling time. However you don’t even need to leave the couch. upload photos, choose body and 1-2 weeks later your digitally crafted figure comes though your door