3D Printing Service UK

Our 3d printing service UK, based in north london, can 3d print a wide range of processes and materials to suit your criteria. We can also help with other issues you may have with STL files. For instance if your object has been designed in Google SketchUp or Maya, chances are the drawing will be incomplete, in terms of being ready to 3D Print. For these problems we can provide, what is known as a mesh clean. This will ensure your print will arrive on time with no defects.


If you happen to be on a tight budget,  we have lower quality options like low resolution FDM 3d printing which is perfect for quick and dirty prototypes which are often sufficient for form fit and function testing. If its your final prototype and you’ll be using it for a presentation or pre-mass production model we also provide the highest quality 3d prints such as SLS nylon or SLA resin. To discuss these details with one of our in house printing experts simply email us your STL file and feel free or give us a call on 0203 034 1334. One of our in house experts would be more than happy to discuss any 3D printing issues you may be experiencing.


3D Printing service London – Instant quote


We can also provide Instant quotes for anything plastic, with our pricing widget below. All you need is your STL file, upload it and select the materials and lead time you require.


Our Lead times range from 2-14 working days with an added 1-4 working days for delivery. Alternatively you can come to collect from our North London Tottenham office. Address can be found at the bottom of this page.


The full range of our 3D Printing materials, there prices and lead times can be found below.


If you need help uploading your STL design files to this “instant quote” 3d printing service uk pricing system above call Microworkshops direct on – 0203 0341 334 for assistance.

3D Print Service UK Pricing

We provide instant quotes for our 3d printing service with competitive prices and fast lead times.


SLA – High Detail Resin = £0.25p/cm3 – 2-7 day lead time


SLS – Nylon Printing = £0.18/cm3 – 4-14 day lead time


PLA & ABS – FDM Printing = £0.09/cm3 – 2-4 day lead time.


Multi-jet Fusion – MJF Printing = £0.17p/cm3 – 3-7 day lead time


TPU Rubber like Printing = £0.54p/cm3 – day lead time.


Our 3D Printing Materials

SLA resin 3D Print. 3d printing service London

SLA Resin

SLA rapid prototyping or stereolithography, widely considered the gold standard of plastic printing. It uses a laser to cure layers of liquid resin one by one until a very well finished part is built and ready for post processing. This technology creates model perfect for makers, engineers and artists. It has an injection molded looking finish and is capable of printing even the finest of small details. Its time costly and raw resin is expensive but well worth the money. Also suitable for silicone mold making.


Theres also plenty of websites where you can download free 3d print ready stl files. If you see something you like or want tailoring you can send to us once you’ve downloaded from either www.turbosquid.com or www.yeggi.com

Pros and Cons

Fast lead time


Smooth surface


Highly Accurate


Range of resins


Supports required


Expensive material

Materials & Properties

Standard – Smooth surface finish


Clear – Opaque


Castable – Low ash % after burnout


Tough – Highly Stiff, ABS or PP like


High Temperature – Heat resistant


Flexible – shore 70A rubber 

Microworkshops 3D Printing Service UK


We offer a delivery service or alternatively you can come by and pick your prints up yourself from:

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