Certified Solidworks Designers
Certified Solidworks Designers
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CAD Services


Today if you want anything prototyped, developed or mass produced using modern manufacturing you will need a 3D CAD model. You either need to be advanced with 3d CAD design software or you need 3D CAD services like microworkshops. CNC’s, 3D Printers, laser cutters all are controlled by digital models which means there extremely important with most manufacturing processes.





All our 3D CAD design engineers are licensed and certified solidworks proffesionals. Using our advanced design software we are able to take just a 2d sketch of your idea and turn it into reality using 3D printing.

At Microworkshops, we have vast experience with 3d printing rapid prototypes. Our CAD systems outputs high resolution print ready STL files. We design parts which are easily printed with consideration to the material and process

We provide laser scanning and a manual measuring services for simpler geometric objects. Have something precious that you cannot source? We may be able to help using scanning and 3d printing

Our team creates beautiful visuals that bring your product to life. Furthermore, we produce animations for large constructions with multiple parts that fit together. Often essential to seek investment we can communicate you idea and all its details before manufacturing

3D Modeling Costs

You can hire your own 3d CAD Services ninja for £280/day…  Or £35/hour. Many simple projects such as a PCB plastic casing we turn around in days to a week. For more information request the ‘sample product case study’. This is a comprehensive overview of the design process of a simple PCB plastic casing.


CAD design services - 3d printing and CAM manufacturing

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Sketch your design on paper showing measurements and email over to us at microworkshops@gmail.com

Doesnt’ matter how bad the sketch is, it’s better then nothing

Include any reference images you have of similar products for our reference




Once we receive your brief and sketches and have established we’re the correct designers for your project we setup a video consultation with you to discuss further details. After initial discussion we put together costing, timelines and deliverables.




Now the fun part starts! We create your design in solidworks regularly sending you 3d models to review. Our CAD designers are available for video consultation so anytime you want to check in and see whats happening on screen your completely welcome




CAD design approved and ready for initial testing, were ready to 3d print and make it real. We give you costing on a large range of material options. We’ll suggest which materials is best for your design and budget. 3-6 days later you’ll receive your product on your doorstep.

Plastic Product Development


North London based 3D CAD services. Our certified solidworks professionals have 10+ years 3d CAD modeling experience. We design a variety of plastic products from prototyping stages through to mass produced designs. All our in house engineers have degrees in industrial design and specialise in CAD and computer controlled manufacturing. We have a large network of CAM manufactures including laser & CNC cutters, injection mold factories and tool makers so you don’t have the hassle of project managing.


Microworkshops exceeds our competitors value by offering a holistic manufacturing service. We understand the whole design process with product made from plastic .We can design it, prototype it and mass produce it with our partner injection mold company



We provide 2 types of reverse engineering services. 1, manually measuring which for small simple geometric objects can be faster and cheaper then 3d scanning.
Option 2 is 3d scanning which is perfect for organic shapes with lots of detailing. This can accurately replicate a object into a 3D print ready CAD model in as little as 1 day.


Our reverse engineering service allows you to quickly 3d digitise any small existing object in 1-3 days and accurately design or modify to create 3d print ready files for instant manufacturing.

3D scanner - Reverse engineering
Rendered Maclaren 3d model


Generally speaking any CAD design intended for manufacture is either made using surface or solid modelling, thankfully at microworkshops were highly experienced with both.


A solid model allows you to run simulations for force testing, render images for artwork, control CNC production tools for manufacturing, this list goes on and on. Most importantly its a exact representation of your product in 3D digital format which can be sent to anyone anywhere in a instant. This of course makes it the highest communication asset your product requires at every stage of conception.



Injection molding can be very complex. In short, problems can be hard to spot without experience. Chinese manufacturers can help mitigate problems but unless you speak Chinese you can bet some of your instructions will be lost in translation. 


The smallest mis interpretations can lead to costly mistakes which is why its important your CAD designer is aware of all the constraints of injection molding and fully understand your design intent which is often lost on manufacturers as there disconnected from the design process. 


Injection mold tools

The truth is that a large portion of CAD designers are primarily visually based and do not give consideration to how the object will be manufactured. This often results with inventors sending CAD drawings to china with a reply (if any reply) saying it is not physically possible to mass manufacture the design with the current design.


Microworkshops CAD services can mitigate common tooling issues before tool investments. These include: warping, stress cracks, flashing, undercuts, in sufficient draft angles, weld lines, sinkage surface defects, short shots, air pockets.These are just a handful of the technical problems involved with injection moulding and let me guess, all those terms probably mean absolutely nothing to you? If that’s the case then I can guarantee you’ll greatly benefit from a CAD designer with moulding experience.

FEA simulation example


Structural analysis is made of 2 parts, stress and strain. Its what we use to load forces on a object in a chosen position to see at what force it will break with the materials assigned to it. We can also measure and visualise distortion or ‘strain’ in the part in reaction to a applied force


3D printing has made real world strain and strain testing a viable prototyping method however the 3d printable plastics options are tiny compared to the options available with injection moulding, so you may find your printed prototype is a bad representation of the final product even though it may look exactly the same.

The materials properties and characteristics have a large influence on any design


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