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As a certified solidworks professional with 10+ years experience, I know the value in hiring a well versed user. In particular, because the software is so complex. Incidently, solidworks has the capability to help us create anything. For example, small mechanical components, As well as, large, intricate and accurate models. 


For this reason, 3D CAD design plays a paramount role in the modern day design, manufacture and construction. Our solidworks expertese can help take your initial concepts to the next level.


So what is solidworks? The software was built by dassualt systems. It is a 3d design software that can simulate a product or construction. In addition, It allows a designer to create, modify and form any level of detail. Furthermore, the model can be analysed, fabricated, rendered or prototyped. You need a CAD file for every step of the product development process. Whether wanting to illustrate your design for communication, or you are leaning towards mass production.


Our in house 3d modelling experts can further your understanding with your requirements in mind. Click ‘hire a designer’ link below or  call 02030341334 for a free 15 minute consultation. Were fully certified solidworks modelling experts with over 10 years experience in CAD and industrial manufacturing.

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Certified Solidworks professional

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Solidworks Enables Advanced Design Capabilities

Solid Modelling


Solid modelling is a technique for representing solid objects. Many objects can be combined to make more complex shapes. 


solid vs surface modelling you ask? Surface models are used for freeform organic shapes. In this case, the design is built one surface at a time. Whereas, solid modelling is used for built up geometric shapes. Generally speaking, solid modelling is faster, when curvy geometry is not required.

Surface model of an audi tt car
Surface Modelling

Surface modelling is used to create free-form, organic shapes. Generally, it’s used for visual purposes over manufacturing.


However, surface models can be converted to solid, manufacture ready files. Surfaces give a greater forming freedom against solid. Thus, at times its crucial. incidentlly, It’s important to know when surface or solid modelling is the way to go. Here, a certified solidworks professional will know the difference.

Large assembley model racer. Solidworks Modelling services
Large assembly Modelling


Assembly modelling is a method, used to create large scale, working models, out of multiple parts. They represent parts in a product or model. Relationships can be simulated between parts.


For example, a wheel spinning on a axle, given real life behaviour. Collision detection can be simulated. Furthermore, force loading to study strength. Single components can be isolated in assembly view to inspect details in complex mechanical systems. 

CAD construction drawing and model. Solidworks modelling services
Construction Drawings


In this case, the purpose of construction drawings is to show a graphic representation of whats being built using CNC machines. They are drawn to using real dimensions, to communicate flat perspective views. consequently, this removes any confusion in the design process. Its also the easiest, smallest size document that anyone can view without special software. Therefore, making it very useful with communicating the design, with manufacturers.

colission detection on 3d model of plyers
Collision Detection


Collision detection is a computer process that identifies the moment 2 objects collide. This is particularly useful when exploring the interaction of two or more parts in a moving array. For example, you could view how a set of gears on a pedal bike model move. Also,  where a hinges max rotation is.  Mathematical relations can be set. For instance, a shaft connected to a motor, having the freedom to spin as in real life. This simulation can be critical to understand complex systems.

Injection mould cast for button. Solidworks modelling services
Injection mold tools


Microworkshops can help you avoid manufacturing defects, before going through the injection mold process. We can tell you: the weight, suggest the best plastic, lead time and the level of warping. All before manufacture. In addition, we will also design the mold drawing. Complete with, the correct draft angles and discreetly placed split lines. Retooling for steel molds can be highly expensive so accurate simulations and pre-tooling insights can save time and money.