Sketch of a bike, next to final 3d render of the bike. Microworkshops product development.

Product Development


Do you have an idea for a new product? However, are unsure about the product development process? We are here to help. At Microworkshops, we tackle all stages of product development.


We cater basic concepts. All the way too the manufacture of your final product. There are four key stages. These include: concept, CAD, prototyping and production. Whatever your problem. At any stage of product development, we are more than happy to help.

Pencil sketch Iron. Product development



Once you are done with your brief, we will start the design process. We then discuss bringing initial ideas to life. This can be as simple as a napkin sketch which becomes the basis of the concept. How ever you personally get your ideas flowing is up to you. Once you have a clear specification we can move on to stage 2: CAD.



With CAD you will see your idea develop. From a sketch, to a 3D model. Also, you can animate the model. This shows moving parts. In addition, your model can be rendered. This adds color and texture to your design. All done, with real world accuracy. CAD is great for showing your final ideas to potential investors.

3D CAD rendered lemon squeezer. Product Development
Printed prototype, geometric plant pot. Product Development



A prototype shows us when a product is ready to be made. In addition it shows us things we must develop. This is achieved through physical wear and function testing. Coupled with this, you can now hold your product. For example, with FDM 3D printing. You can have a model printed in 1-2 days. In your hand a day after.



Manufacturing is the last stage. Here we put together all the past steps. To help choose the right materials and manufacturing processes. In addition, thinking about your products form and function. You can create a profitable yet sustainable final product.

3D print manufacture picture. Product Development