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High Quality Product Renders

Solidworks photoview 360 Renders. Lighting, custom materials and textures, backgrounds and studio renders

High Quality Product Renders

Solidworks photoview 360 Renders. Lighting, custom materials and textures, backgrounds and studio renders

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3D Rendering and Animation

Here at microworkshops we offer a 3d rendering and animation service which brings your products to life before investing in production so you can easily communicate your design to potentially interested parties. This is extremely useful for seeking investment and gaining attention from your target market. But what exactly is 3D rendering



What is 3D

Rendering is the computer graphics process that converts 3D models into realistic 2D visuals. This 2D image contains real life detailing such as texture, color, material and lighting.

You view 3D renderings all the time and likely not even be aware. Every product or movie advert you’ve ever seen is at least to some degree a 3d rendered visual. 

A rendered image starts as a 3d model, a 3d model is represented by a number of 2D geometric shapes joined together. These shapes are often referred to as polygons. These are the core of any digital 3D model.
They are manipulated and created using 3d CAD software (such as solidworks which is our in house preferred modelling package).

3D models often are crude
representations shown as lines and vertices in a wire frame model for example. 3D rendering give a more detailed expression of a objects form by introducing texture maps, artificial light sources, colors, shadows and so on. It can even apply a depth of field so it appears to be a photo taken by a real camera with focusing constraints.



Product Rendering

At Microworkshops 3D printing service London we can render and animate your 3D CAD drawings. This is the next step towards bringing your ideas and inventions from concept drawings and sketches, from your mind, in to reality.
It is also one of the best ways to showcase your final product ideas with potential investors. More than ever, Product rendering, animation and 3D visualisation are being used to give these investors real reasons to open their wallets.
Rendering and animation. 3D expolsion render of a turbine close up
3d rendered headphones

Our Rendering capabilities 

Benefits of product rendering

  • Apply finely tuned appearances to your model including: lighting, texture and colour.
  • Custom scenes, in which we can control the surroundings, environment, sunlight and more. 
  • Suitably and realistically brand your Models.
  • Set the image resolution and animation frame rates, depending on your project criteria.
  • Surprisingly affordable and quick to do.
  • Models comprised of all the separate components of the finished item.
  • Fully certified solidworks rendering experts
  • 3D rendering does not require a prototyping. cheaper  and easier to render a product vs making a prototype and photographing it.
  • Showcase endless product variations w.r.t. colors, textures, materials, transparency etc .
  • 3D rendering software allows for extreme scenarios to be created. Real-life camera settings (like depth of field, exposure, aperture, etc)  
  • Test the market and reduce a product’s time-to-market. It helps recognise design flaws and optimise the product for improved quality.
Product Animation – Easy way to explain your product and its story……

3D animation lets you show off your product in motion, including piece by piece and in a realistic setting.


It also allows you to showcase your product across multiple platforms. It can also, show your product to potential investors, in a way which is both entertaining, engaging and informative.