3D Printing Service

We are Microworkshops a 3d printing service based in London uk. We offer SLA, FDM and SLS technologies. No matter your design we will print a model that’s fits can fit your criteria. We provide a print on demand service and in-house CAD expertise. We consult as well as produce super high quality 3d model design for product based production. One of londons fastest accelerators for product development, we design from conceptual stages through to rapid prototyping ready for injection molding. All from one place. Whether your designing custom jewelry, prototyping or exhibiting your digital sculpting work we can help. Proud to say we’ve helped prototype designs for over 500 businesses, inventors, designers and engineers.

Our 3D Printable Materials

We produce in flexible rubber, PLA, metal & wood composites, powdered nylon and liquid resin. Silicone mold production is also available on request for cheap small batch production runs…

Build volumes

Our build capacities range from a microscopic 5mm cubed to a large 420mm cubed.


Elliot colley

3D Printing Technician

Founder & CEO

Please use the form below and provide us with some basic information, along with your file and printing requirements. Your quote will be processed immediately and we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

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