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Carbon 3D is redoubtably the most exciting innovation in 3d printing today. That haven’t released a commercial model and are keeping there final intentions on the DL but more then Likely these will be available soon. It uses its own patented technology to harness oxygen during the laser curing process. This in effect speed up SLA printing by 25 – 100 times faster!!! SLA I argue produces the best prints in terms of finish but its big draw back is production time. Desktop 3d printers have certainly changed the world of industrial design but Carbon3D I believe could change the WORLD…. If this machine was affordable to individuals and the resin to build with was substantially cheaper then what it is today this would be the ONE in every home.





Here’s an example of another great novel 3d printer. It has a very comic concept and I can see pancake makers liking to use it but doesn’t have any further implication then that. It does however explore what we think about food production and bring another level to arranging your spaghetti hoops into a smiley face




Colourfabb brassfill


Colourfabb are one of the worlds greatest filament producers for extruded nozzle printing. We stock this plastic and produce prints as shown in the video but with a fine sanding and polishing service included. There working closely with 3dhubs to distribute high quality printing composites to the worlds makers and printing entrepreneurs. – low tolerance for reliable printing with large spool diameter. We stock and print colourfabb bronze, brass and copperfills which are made from 70% pla and 30% metal… Also Woodfill with the same composite ratios, it has a great finish with saw dusty feel and wood smell!