3D Design – The Progression Of 3D Design And Printing


If there is one industry that is booming at present, it is the 3D design and printing sector. This gives people the opportunity to turn their ideas into a three-dimensional solid object that is created through a manufacturing process that builds layers to get to the end result.


3D printing is not a new phenomenon as many people believe, however, it has only recently gone mainstream as outstanding developments have been made over the past few years. Before it was possible to invest in a 3D printing service, it was extremely expensive and time-consuming to create a prototype, requiring specific machinery and skilled craftsmen. However, this all changed in 1985 when Michael Feygen developed the first 3D printer. Unfortunately, this printer was not as impressive as the ones we use today, yet it marked a major innovation in manufacturing that has changed business production immensely. But, when first introduced onto the market, big corporations only used 3D print technology because it was so expensive. However, as the years have passed, small and mid-sized businesses, and even home users, have been able to benefit from 3D design and print services, as prices have decreased and a wider scope of printers are now available. The benefits are extensive, with efficiency being enhanced by an unbelievable degree and the possibilities being endless in terms of structures, shapes and other elements of product design.


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