3D Print Service UK: Bringing Artistic Visions to Life


Product designers and inventors spend a lot of time working with concepts that only exist in their minds or on paper. But at some point, they must be able to make a physical prototype. This used to be a time-consuming task, but with a 3D print service UK designers can turn their ideas into solid form quickly.


Although 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, it was virtually unknown outside the fields of engineering and architecture, and this was partly due to limitations in technology at the time. By the 1990s, it became viable to use 3D printing in other fields. It’s an excellent way to produce forms that would be impossible or very difficult with other technologies, such as injection moulding or vacuum forming. These other technologies usually produce pieces that must be assembled to make the final form. If you’ve ever worked on a model aeroplane, you will be familiar with this concept. The small pieces must be carefully popped out of their plastic frame and assembled with glue. It’s a painstaking process, which is fine for hobbyists, but it’s not the best way to build a prototype. On the other hand, with a 3D printing service, you can go from a CAD file to a physical prototype in a single step, without having to go through manual assembly. This is a big advantage in terms of man-hours and eliminates human errors. Another advantage is that you skip the expensive and time-consuming step of making a mould, which is an unnecessary step if you only need a few prototypes.


Speed is not the only advantage of 3d printers. With a 3D print service UK, designers can realise organic flowing forms or intricate shapes that cannot be built any other way. It opens the door to an array of exciting new products, and artistic forms and sculptures too. Get in touch with Microworkshops to discover more on +44 7944786606 or head to their website; https://microworkshops.co.uk/.