3D Printing London – How Does 3D Printing Work?


3D printing London-wide, and indeed UK and worldwide, is well and truly taken over. More and more businesses are realising the benefits associated with going down this route, including better quality, reduced costs and an impressive time to market. But, how does 3D printing work?

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that is used to turn a digital file into a solid three-dimensional object. For those who are unaware, additive manufacturing means that objects are created layer by layer until the entire object is complete. However, before you can get into the actual 3D printing, you need to have a virtual design of the object you want to create. There are some 3D printing UK companies that will turn your idea into a CAD model for you. Once you are happy with what you see, a digital file needs to be prepared for printing. Essentially, this means that the final model will be sliced into an abundance of horizontal layers, and this is then uploaded to the 3D printer. Every slice is then read by the 3D printer, which then begins to make the object in question by blending the thin layers. This is the general process that is followed, but it is vital to stress that not all 3D printers are the same. From FDM to SLS, there are different manufacturing methods, which can be a little bit confusing and this is why it is advisable to use the services of professionals.


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