3D Printing Service: The Ability To Change The World


3D printing service and 3D printing techniques will change the world. You’ve probably heard that a few times by now. Comparisons have been made to the likes of the futuristic food dispensers and ovens that have featured in sci-fi favourites, like The Jetsons and Star Trek. Who wouldn’t want their own ‘replicator’ to make exactly what they want, right? We are consistently reminded of 3D printing’s ground-breaking effect on the likes of medicine, science and other industries. But what if that doesn’t interest you so much… what if you just want to know if you can make some cool stuff? Well, let’s talk cool stuff then.


3D Printing Services: What Is Achievable?


Let’s not deny it – the potential within the 3D printing UK services industry is unbelievable. Can you imagine the day when these printers become affordable, and everyone can have one in their home? It would be incredible! Well, guess what? It isn’t as far away as you think. Some smaller, lower-quality 3D printers are available for not much more than the price of a video game console. Because of this, many people have had fun creating different products, such as key rings, mobile phone cases and even desktop pencil holders. Last year, the first ever 3D printed book cover was released. It’s astonishing to see the level of skill and artistry that is being brought to this emerging industry. Also last year, the world’s first three-dimensional printed electric car, called ‘Strati’, was born. And, right now, the ‘Blade’ is under development – an environmentally friendly supercar with a 90 per cent lighter chassis than regular supercars. Last year also saw the arrival of the world’s first 3D print/doodle pen – an imperfect, yet impressive, piece of technology. The great thing about the industry is that it is continuing to develop and develop. Carbon3D is the new method that is coming soon. Its unique use of oxygen in the process will see it print 25 to 100 times faster than Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA), eliminating one of SLA’s main weaknesses. The sky does appear to be the limit when it comes to the 3D printing service industry. Well, that is until someone prints a 3D spaceship to get past the clouds too!


What A 3D Printing Service London Can Provide You


A 3D print service doesn’t need to be semi-serious in its application either; it can be used in fun ways. Take, for example, PancakeBot – a crowd-funded 3D pancake printer. This is not exactly the most practical of devices in its implications and abilities. However, kids – and us big kids, can appreciate the fun of custom designing pancakes. Combined with design tools on computers and apps, it means that people can design, create and cook a pancake in the shape of whatever they want. However, whether it is pancakes or something different, the problem is that it’s still pretty costly to buy printers in the first place. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. For example, Microworkshops – a 3D printing service London based – offer a very cool ‘3D Photoshop’ service. Photoshop allows expensive 3D or CAD software to be cut out and offers the ability for anyone with an Adobe subscription to design an item before it gets printed. Microworkshops service allows you to be scanned into modelling software so that a figurine of you can be created using Photoshop. Amazing! However, if distance or the ability to leave the house makes this difficult, you can even upload two photographs of yourself onto their website, and they’ll create a caricature of your appearance. You could be superimposed on the body of a superhero, an animal or your favourite character from a TV show.


Come Try Microworkshops’ 3D Printing Service


Who knows where the future will take us when it comes to 3D printing? But, for now, for any job – big, small, funny or serious – you should use the 3D printing service that is offered by Microworkshops, London’s number one professional 3D printers. Contact us today for a quote and we’ll be back in touch with you within 24 hours to detail how fast and affordable the whole manufacturing process will be – and we’ll still retain quality. Visit https://microworkshops.co.uk/ today or email us at info@microworkshops.co.uk for more information from our 3D printing ‘ninjas’.