3D Printing Wood: Everything You Need To Know


There are many different options for 3D printing enthusiasts looking to venture beyond plastics. 3D printing wood filaments opens up a range of interesting design options. But, it’s not just a fun choice, as wood fills have a variety of practical properties that make them an ideal selection for different projects.


Wood fills are a great choice for 3D printing because of the material properties of wood. Wood is resilient to weather conditions, as it’s an organic substance that grows in the open. It does not yellow with age or suffer from humidity, making it a good choice for objects that will be exposed to the elements. It’s a tough, light and durable material, combining the natural strengths of wood and the binder. This means your printed objects will be able to stand up to more wear and tear. It has lovely acoustic properties, which is why people have used it to print instruments. It’s an outstanding choice for jewellery and home decorations too. Highly skilled wood carvers have always been valued for their ability to etch patterns into ornaments, but there has always been a practical limit. The 3D printing UK community takes away these limitations, producing incredibly intricate ornaments. These highly ornate models would have been completely impossible for a craftsman to produce by hand. Thanks to 3D printers, it’s become easy to produce this type of work. When you combine all these advantages, you can see why 3D wood printing is a popular choice.


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