Custom 3D Printing UK – Awaken Your Creativity!


3D modelling software is used by professionals in computer-aided design and CGI for films, games and other media, and now there is software for home users too. It’s fun, but until recently home users could only use it to build images. Now, custom 3D printing UK services make it possible to take your files and turn them into real models.


You can build all kinds of things with 3D printing – recreations of historical buildings, fantastic creatures and even lifelike reproductions of your friends and family. They make great gifts and are an excellent way to mark a special event, like a wedding, graduation, or special promotion. Alternatively, you could use them to make promotional items or prototypes for mass production. There are lots of options open to you. There are even places where you can get your body and face digitised using laser scanners and applications that can work from photographs to recreate a human body in digital form. If you import this data into your 3D package, you can edit it for comic effect or to add props. Once the file is complete, you can send it to a 3D printing UK service. They will use special software to break your data down into layers that the printer will lay down to build the final model. The result is a perfect physical recreation of the digital 3D model that you sent to them. It’s an exciting development that makes it possible for everyone to get into small scale manufacturing with little investment, or you can just do it for fun.


Custom 3D printing UK services are stirring up a lot of creative interest, both from professional designers and home enthusiasts. If you are interested in turning your idea into a physical product, then Microworkshops can help. The company is recognised as experts in 3D printing, with an abundance of experience and all of the cutting edge machinery required to produce outstanding results. Visit to discover more.