Certified 3D CAD design Solidworks professional. Rendered headphones. Solidworks modelling service

Solidworks modelling service


At microworkshops we have 10+ years experience in Solidworks 3D modelling. Solidworks has the capability to help us create anything from: small mechanical components, to vast highly intricate and worldly accurate, working architectural or mechanical models. This is why 3D CAD design plays such an important role in the modern day design, manufacture and construction processes.


With the help of our solidworks knowledge and expertese, you can take your initial concepts to the next level. You will find our company president Elliot Colley’s honest, thoughtful and creative insights, an invaluable means of properly achieving this crucial part of finalising your design.

Certified Solidworks Experts


1st Class Honors, Industrial Design Degree


licensed & accredited Solidworks CAD professional


Certified in CSWP 1,2 and 3


10+ Years experience

CSWP 2 certificate. Solidworks modelling service
CSWP 1 certificate. Solidworks modelling service
CSWP 3 certificate. Solidworks modelling service

Solidworks Enables Advanced Design Capabilities

Solidworks Solid Model. Solidworks modelling services

Solid Modelling


Solid modelling is a mathematical technique for representing solid objects. It follows a set of principles that ensure geometric validity. It is the industry standard technique for basic geometry modeling.

Large assembly Modelling


Assembly modelling is a computer aided design method which is used to create large scale working models out of multiple files or components. They represent parts in a product or model. These can be portrayed as solid or surface models.

Large assembley model racer. Solidworks Modelling services
Solidworks surface modelled after shave bottle. Solidworks modelling services

Surface Modelling


Surface modelling is a part of computer aided design which is used to create more freeform, organic shapes. It’s generally used for visual purposes over manufacturing. Her at microworkshops we can quickly convert freeform surface models into solid manufacture ready files.

Construction Drawings


The purpose of construction drawings, in this context, is show the component or components to be built or modelled. They are drawn in a concise and coordinated way, to avoid, wherever possible, confusion and ambiguity in the design process.

CAD construction drawing and model. Solidworks modelling services
Collision detection on door hinge. Solidworks Modelling services

Collision Detection


Collision detection is the computational problem of detecting the intersection of two or more objects. This is particularly useful when exploring the interaction of two or more moving components. One example could be viewing how a set of gears on a pedal bike model move.

Injection mold tools


In terms of injection moulding Microworkshops can help you avoid manufacturing defects, before going through the process. Before Production we can tell you: the weight, suggest the best plastic, lead time and the level of warping. We will also design the mould drawing, with the correct draft angles and discreetly placed split lines.

Injection mould cast for button. Solidworks modelling services