Step-by-Step Instructions
how to order


Countdown timer to  production cut-off

Orders placed after 2pm will be processed 

the following working day (Mon-Fri)

Automatic, Instant Quotations Day or Night

Microworkshops uses a instant quoting software which is intergrated into our website so our customers can quickly and easily check prices and make orders. Its much like ordering anything online except for step 3 (shown below). Follow the steps below, if you have any troubles please email your files to and we’ll let you know what the problem is right away.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Open Quoting App

Click the ‘INSTANT QUOTE’ button in the menu on any page of the website.

Step 1 - Upload 3D Models

Click the ‘ADD 3D MODEL’ button to upload your files. Each 3d model must contain a single body, we aren’t able to accomodate nested or sprued files as it greatly complicates printing. When the files are ready click ‘NEXT STEP’.

Step 2 - Prices & Ordering

This is where the magic happens. In order

– Choose either SLA or FDM (If unsure what you need contact us first)

– Choose material

– Choose priority lead time

– Choose quantity

– Add to cart

– If you have more then 1 model, choose ‘select option for next model’ and repeat the steps above

– When finished adding all models to cart select ‘PROCEED TO CART’

Step 3 - Cart

Check the items in the cart, if everythings correct click ‘NEXT STEP’

Step 4 - Contact & Delivery Details

Enter your contact and delivery information, when complete click ‘NEXT STEP’.

Step 5 - Make Payment or submit for reviewing

This step gives a summary of your order. Now your ready to either ‘confirm order’ or ‘submit for review. 

If you select ‘CONFIRM ORDER’ it takes you directly to a secure payment page, once you’ve made payment your all done.

If you select ‘SUBMIT FOR REVIEW’ your order is generated on the system but payment is not yet taken. We check your files to ensure there are no potential problems. 

If there are problems we’ll email you highlighting what they are what you can do. If there is not we’ll email back with a payment link within the hour during work hours.