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FDM and SLA Resin 3D Printing

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We offer a 1 & 3 working day production service + 1 day delivery (royal mail tracked 24) UK wide.

10 Years Experience

New to 3D printing? Get in touch with you requirements for free, friendly and professional advice.

High Quality & Accurate

We meticulously inspect 3D printed models and monitor build tolerances to ensure repeatable accuracy.

Technologies, Materials & Color options

For cost effective solutions, choose our FDM service. For super high detail smooth surfaces, our resins got you cover.

Instant Online Quotes & Stable Prices

We’ve preconfigured our prices within our online quotation tool so costing is stable, transparent and instant.

3D File Review & Repairing

Our online quotation tool analyzes 3d files for potential production issues so there are no surprises.

London Local

Located near the heart of London & not within the congestion zone. Wherever you are in London, we are not too far.


Instant quotes and same day email responses mon-fri. Call us on 02030341334 to discuss details.

We are microworkshops a 3D printing service based in crouchend, London. We specialise in helping our customers quickly and effortlessly prototype their design models. Send us your 3D CAD file and we will advise what material best suit your application. To get a instant quote click the 'instant print quote' button above or send your 3D model to microworkshops@gmail.com

SLA Resin 3D Printing service

Max Print Size

156 x 278 x 290mm

Material :

Rigid Engineering Resin, Castable Wax, Smoky Transparent

colors :

Grey, White, Black, smoky transparent

Layer Height

0.025 - 0.05mm layer height

Lead time

Overnight or 2-4 days

Minimum order


SLA Resin 3D Printing

Max Print Size

120 x 192 x 200mm

Material :

SLA resin

colors :

Grey, White, Black, Clear, blue, green

Layer Height

0.025 - 0.05mm layer height

Lead time

1-3 Days

Minimum order


FDM 3D Printing service

Max Print Size

410 x 410 x 500mm

Material :

PLA plastic (polyactic acid)

colors :

White, Black, Grey

Layer Height

0.1 - 0.2mm layer height

Lead time

Overnight or 2-4 days

Minimum order


Fast delivery (1-3 days)

For small items we are currently offering a 1-3 day lead time. Were located in London so if you need speedy delivery you're welcome to collect

Smooth surface finish

SLA resin is best known for a super smooth surface finish. It looks remarkably like massproduced end use items so is great for marketing shots.

Whats great about resin 3D Printing?

Perfect for silicone moulding

Resin printing is the material of choice for all silicone moulding applications as its super smooth and detailed

Finest detailing

SLA resin is capable of achieving the finest detailing of all types of 3D printers. Our machines build with excellent accuracy and layer thickness from 0.025-0.05mm



SLA Resin Colors


FDM Colors

What's great about our FDM 3D printing service?

FDM printing is a fantastic technology that has made prototyping much cheaper. FDM stands for fused deposition modeling. FDM printers use PLA or ABS plastic. PLA is strong, cheap and has a glossy finish.



We charge just £4/hour to print using our FDM 3D printers. So if your design takes 4 hour to print, then it costs just £16



We use PLA plastic with our FDM printers. PLA plastic is strong and stiff and light weight. Parts with a wall thickness of over 2mm are almost impossible to break with your hands max force


Density control

Our software allows us to control the degree infill, (0% is totally hollow, 100% is totally solid). We usually print at 20-30% infill as its nearly at full strength at 35% infill, so any extra infill only adds weight and cost to the print


glossy finish

PLA plastic has a beautifully glossy surface. The smaller the layer thickness the smoother and glossier the surface becomes

Feel free to

Give us a call

Feel free to give us a call with any question your may have related to our service, we’d be happy to advise.


0203 034 1334



Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
8:30AM - 5PM


16A middle lane Crouchend London N8 8PL

Frequently Asked Questions

Below covers various popular questions we recieve, its generally information regarding pricing, lead times material specifics and so on. This only covers some information so if you have any questions remaining don’t hesitate to contact us.

It depends on 4  main factors in order of importance; size, material, layer height and  leadtime. We offer FDM and resin printing, generally speaking resin is about 2-3 times the cost of FDM.

We have 2 lead time options. The fastest is 1 day and the cutoff time is 2pm. this costs 35% for than our standard 3 day lead time. Delivery adds 1 day. We will print standard leadtime order faster than 3 days if possible but with no garuantee. For orders of £300+ the 1 day service might not be available. If its not we’ll inform you immediately 

We can yes, for a flat fee of £5, if you send your STL file via email specifying how tall you would like it to be we’ll rescale and send back to you same day. Alternatively you can save the money by download meshmixer and rescaling it yourself.

Normally yes, however the CAD modelling fee is most likely more expensive than the print itself depending on complexity. Email us a picture of the item and we’ll let you know the modelling fee, once the model is generated we can give you a exact printing cost.

We don’t provide 3d scanning sorry to say

It largely depends on the wall thickness. Parts with wall thickness greater than 20mm thick can easily withstand a persons weight. If you know the forces your part will experience and in what direction, let us know and we will suggest the best print orientation and settings to maximize strength 

We have a dark tinted transparent resin. Its not fully transparent but it is sufficient in many applications. The thicker the part, the less transparent it will be. Glossing givcs it a much  more transprent finish then fresh from the printer.

Our ordering system accepts STL, OBJ, STEP, IGES & 3MF. STL files are the primary 3d printing file format so thats always the best format to default to.

£20 is the minimum order fee however we will manually remove that fee for just your first order.

Its £3.95 for royal mail Tracked 24. Tracked 24 takes 1-2 working day (mon-fri). Or for special delivery (1 working day) its £7

Our ordering system does catch basically all potential printing issues but for a final human confirmation please instead of paying for your order right away, click ‘submit for review’ at the end of the checkout process. We will review the files within the hour (mon-fri 9-5pm). Once confirmed we’ll send you back a payment link.

This is nearly always because the mesh is non-manifold, meaning it has too many overlapping surfaces. This confuses the software as its not able to distinguish which surfaces are closed and open. If you email us the files we’ll manually review it and in some cases we can even repair it.

This means that there are wall thickness in your 3D model that are under the minimum we can garuantee (1mm). With some models we can achieve thinner but it depends largely on the surrounding geometry. At the end of the checkout process, click ‘submit for review’ and we’ll have a look for you.

Our SLA resin is a great choice for for highly detailed models, whereas FDM is more appropriate for applications where cost is primary concern. Get in touch anytime to discuss your requirements.

Support structures are essential when 3d printing models with overhangs. They create platforms for the print to support itself. After printing All accesible supports are manually removed. If your design is free of overhangs it wont require supports at all

For resin 3d printed parts its 156 x 278 x 290mm and for FDM printed parts its 410 x 410 x 500mm.

No problem, if you email us the size of the print and which service you’d like, well reply with a estimate same day.

Yes, for orders over £500 a automatic 10% discount kicks in on the pricing/ordering system.