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FDM and SLA Resin 3D Printing

Why choose our 3D printing service?


Our average print time is 1 days. We DO NOT CHARGE a fast-track fee & we offer a next day delivery service with the UK.

London Local

We are located near the heart of London. Wherever you are in London, we are not too far, feel free to come and collect.

10 years experience

New to 3D printing? Need some advice? Tell us your requirements and we'll advise what you need, why & for how much.


We answer quotation requests within the hour. If you want to discuss details directly with technical call us anytime monday-friday on 02030341334.

Quality control

We meticulously inspect every 3D printed model we produce for signs of imperfections. If a part is deemed unfit, it is discarded and reprinted immediately.


Want a cheap prototype? choose our FDM 3d printing service. Want a high-quality print with fine detailing? Our resin 3d printing has got you covered.

We are microworkshops a 3D printing service based in Hackney, London. We specialise in helping our customers quickly and effortlessly prototype their design models. Just send us your 3D CAD file and we will advise what material best suit your application. To get a quote send your 3D model to

We offer 2 types of 3d printing

SLA Resin 3D Printing service

Max Print Size

120 x 192 x 200mm

Material :

SLA resin (photopolymer resin - ABS-like)

colors :

Grey, White, Black, Clear, Blue,

Layer Height

0.025 - 0.05mm layer height

Lead time

1-3 Days

Minimum order


SLA Resin 3D Printing

Max Print Size

120 x 192 x 200mm

Material :

SLA resin

colors :

Grey, White, Black, Clear, blue, green

Layer Height

0.025 - 0.05mm layer height

Lead time

1-3 Days

Minimum order



FDM 3D Printing service

Max Print Size

220 x 220 x 250mm

Material :

PLA plastic (polyactic acid)

colors :

White, Black, Grey

Layer Height

0.05 - 0.3mm layer height

Lead time

1-3 Days

Minimum order


Fast delivery (1-3 days)

For small items we are currently offering a 1-3 day lead time. Were located in Hackney London so if you need speedy delivery you're welcome to collect

Smooth surface finish

SLA resin is best known for a super smooth surface finish. It looks remarkably like mass-produced end use items so is great for marketing shots.

Whats great about resin 3D Printing?


Perfect for silicone moulding

Resin printing is the material of choice for all silicone moulding applications. At its finest settings layer lines are not visible to the naked eye making the surface look spotless

Finest detailing

SLA resin is capable of achieving the finest detailing of all types of 3D printers. Our in-house printers build with excellent accuracy and layer thickness from 0.025-0.05mm


SLA-3d-printing service-produced-coin-designs-in-various-colors

SLA Resin Colors


FDM Colors

What's great about our FDM 3D printing service?

FDM printing is a fantastic technology that has made prototyping much cheaper. FDM stands for fused deposition modeling. FDM printers use PLA or ABS plastic. PLA is strong, cheap and has a glossy finish.



We charge just £4/hour to print using our FDM 3D printers. So if your design takes 4 hour to print, then it costs just £16



We use PLA plastic with our FDM printers. PLA plastic is strong and stiff and light weight. Parts with a wall thickness of over 2mm are almost impossible to break with your hands max force


Density control

Our software allows us to control the degree infill, (0% is totally hollow, 100% is totally solid). We usually print at 20-30% infill as its nearly at full strength at 35% infill, so any extra infill only adds weight and cost to the print


glossy finish

PLA plastic has a beautifully glossy surface. The smaller the layer thickness the smoother and glossier the surface becomes

You are in one of two situations


You have a 3D CAD model ready and you'd like to get an quote/lead time to 3d print it.
To get a quote send your 3D model to


You dont yet have a 3D CAD model but you'd like to get an idea of printing costs. In order to generate a printing cost first you will need a CAD file made

3D CAD  Design for 3D Printing

Before printing anything in 3D there must first be a CAD
model. Call us for a free 10 minute design consultation.
Our designers are fully certified and licensed
Solidworks users with over 10,000 hours' experience.
Hire us for just £40/hour

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Feel free to give us a call for any question your may have related to your project, we’d be happy to advise.


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SLA resin

See our use of Silicone molds to save you money on orders of 30-100 units


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