3D Print Service


We are Microworkshops, a 3d print service based in north London UK. We offer SLA, FDM and SLS 3D printing technologies. No matter your design we will print a model that fits your criteria. We provide a print on demand service and in-house CAD modelling expertise.


We consult as well as produce super high quality 3d model design for plastic product based production. One of londons fastest accelerators for product development, we design from conceptual stages through to rapid prototyping ready for injection molding. All from one place. Whether your designing custom jewellery, prototyping or exhibiting your digital sculpting work we can help. Proud to say we’ve assisted over 500 businesses, inventors, designers and engineers.

If you need help uploading your STL design files to this “instant quote” 3d printing service pricing system above call Microworkshops direct on – 0203 0341 334 for assistance.

Our 3D Print Service Materials


We provide a comprehensive 3d printing service. Plastic materials ranging from Nylon, PLA & ABS, High detailed resin, flexible rubber and polyamide. We produce for a variety of prototyping applications. For more technical information about our printing materials download the ‘microworkshops 3d printing service materials bible’

3D Print – Max Build Sizes

FDM (Fused Deposition Moldelling) – 305 x 305 x 610mm

SLA (Stereolitograhpy) –  250 x 250 x 235mm

SLS ( Laser Sintering) – 650 x 330 x 560mm

MJF (Multi-jet Fusion) – 250 x 340 x 300mm

Rubber – 310 x 270 x 290mm

3D Print – Lead Times

FDM (Fused Deposition Moldelling) – 1-4 DAYS

SLA (Stereolitograhpy) – 1-6 DAYS

SLS ( Laser Sintering) – 4-8 DAYS

MJF (Multi-jet Fusion) – 6 DAYS

Rubber – 7 DAYS


Microworkshops – North London Based 3d print service


London Based 3d printing service. You can collect prints from our office: 639 enterprise center, High road, Tottenham, north london, N17 AA anytime between 8:30am – 8pm monday-friday & 10:30-5pm saturday


3D print to match your needs Guarantee

We identify the 3d print material/process that matches your requirement exactly.

We’ve got cheaper plastics. Perfect for first time rough prints for a quick form fit prototype, this reduces costs where 100% quality and accuracy aren’t crucial.

Highest quality SLS, SLA & MJF 3D printing

For finished design models we have the highest quality materials and finishes available

We provide 3d printing with exceptional build tolerances and resolutions. These come in a variety of plastics, colours, finishes, mechanical properties.



We have 2  3d printing service options; 1 For first time buyers. 2 For experienced buyers:

know what plastic you need already? You can upload you model to the ‘instant pricing’ widget above and select, material, colour, lead time & finish.


First time 3d printing? Request microworkshops assistance choosing the perfect print to match your budget and requirements. send us an email info@microworkshops.co.uk with your STL file or give us a call on 0203 0341 334, we’d be happy to help!

We just need to know:

When you need it by? Is it a functioning prototype or just visual? concerned more with cost or quality? Do you require anything particular like super smooth surface, transparent or flexible material?

With these answers we suggest the best 3D printing material/process within your budget. We send a quote  with lead time and detailed photographs of that 3d prints in your selected material so there’s no surprises!




SLA printed demonic figure. Link to 3D Printing service page.
3D CAD design link. 3d rendered glasses
Motorcycle, Developed from sketch. Product Development.
Injection moulded components fitted in to electronical object. Header reads: Mold design. 3D printing service
A 3d rendered plane on a sky background
Picture of tape measure and sketch. Ready for reverse engineering